GlaceEMR is a second to none EMR, providing your practice a fully customizable and integrable software solution to improve patient outcomes, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce costs, all with personalized and long-term support. ONC 2015 Edition fully certified.


GlaceEMR gives a seamless user experience to providers and staff alike. Screens are designed to provide comprehensive and relevant information, so users do not have to navigate to multiple screens to accomplish their routine tasks. We understand each practice is unique in their own way; so we customize GlaceEMR to fit your workflow. Each specialty is custom tailored to suit that specialty-specific workflow and clinical notes templates.

Quality Programs

GlaceEMR offers MIPS and other quality reporting integrated efficiently with-in the day to day workflow so you do not have to make additional efforts to meet the quality program requirements.


GlaceEMR connects to a range of labs, radiology, hospitals, health exchanges, medical devices and telemedicine. With GlaceEMR you can send controlled substance prescriptions electronically, check prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) information, incoming faxes are processed and sorted, and receive integrated clinical decision support. GlaceEMR can be accessed with iPad and mobile phones too.


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